Bespoke and Custom made



Steps towards a more sustainable world.

We are excited to find ourselves sharing the same sustainability goals, values and beliefs with so many of our customers.
Here are some of the ways we are creating a sustainable journey for The Apparel Merch Company. 

 Eco friendly courier bags & natural boxes
 When it comes to product packaging, we believe less is more. We use 100% Home Compostable Courier bags, which can be composted in your home compost! We also use un-dyed boxes, avoiding the use of chlorine in the bleaching process and the resultant toxic organochlorine byproducts. 

 Re-using packaging where possible. 
All undamaged packaging is re-used by us when possible. If it's not reusable, it's recycled. 

 Recycling old & unwanted uniforms. 
Where our clothes end up is as important as where they came from. 
We partner with Upparel to help assist you to recycle old & unwanted uniforms. 
 Upparel is on a mission to address textile waste with facilities in Australia and New Zealand. 
It commits to reusing or repurposing 100% of the textiles it receives. 
They do this in two ways: 
Reuse: By sending garments that are still wearable to charities, social enterprises and not-for-profits. 

Repurpose: This can take different forms, but the most common is to turn textiles into a cushion-like fibre used as filling furniture and insulation. Upparel also continues to research and develop commercial-scale applications for this recycled material. 

 Recycling & Down-cycling. 
We love a challenge! Let us show you what we can do with your products. 
 Take an unusable hi-viz vest and turn it into a dog bandanna? We can do that. 
 What about turning a supporters flag into a reusable tote bag? We can do that too! 

 Minimising Plastic Packaging. 
 We avoid plastic packaging where possible. We prefer to use plastic box liners vs. individually packaged garments, and prefer our suppliers to as well! 

 Donating faulty items and samples. 
We support charities such as The Salvation Army, simultaneously reducing landfill while helping those that need it. Any faulty items or unwanted samples are donated or gifted to clients to hand out to staff. 

 Minimising airfreight. 
We encourage our clients to use Sea-freight vs. Air-freight. We can achieve a great turn around with forward planning and use of our distribution centres. 

 Using sustainable fabrics. 
 We are passionate about innovative fabrics & technology. We offer a full range of Merchandise and Apparel that are good for the planet, and for you. 

 Supplier and Eco Products. 
We offer a large range of sustainable, eco-friendly garments by various suppliers: AS Colour, Conscious Promotions and many more. These brands have a range of accreditations that ensure the materials are organic, ethically made, and sustainably created. Our factory partners have a range of certifications to ensure their practices are fair and ethical. All certifications are available upon request.